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An Unexpected Project

In my last post, I mentioned two projects I was hoping to tackle in the coming months--a mini-redo of our upstairs full bath and getting started on the full redo of our sunroom. I was gathering images and sources for a variety of pieces in each of these rooms. In fact, I bought three fabrics to get started on cushion for the sunroom wicker furniture we picked up at the NNA Free-Cycle day.

Then Scott (and our entire family) was blessed with a new job. There are so many great benefits to the job, but one of the biggest benefits is that [when he's not travelling] Scott will be working from home! Since we've moved into the house, Scott's had some "man space" in our basement. He does his workouts and music down there. But since he'll be spending about 8 hours a day in his new office, he didn't want to stay down in the basement. So we're moving his home office to our 4th bedroom upstairs.

It just so happened that the day I started searching for inspiration for the office decorating, the Pottery Barn Home:Work catalog came! There were two images that were really inspiring to me, and this photo is one of them. I love the warmth and how it looks comfortable but organized for a good working environment.

The original listing of the house called this room an "upstairs porch." One wall is completely covered in windows and then there are two more large windows two other walls. This is one of the challenges of this space! So I'll be figuring out the best kind of window coverings for the space so Scott can best control the amount of light in the room. The next challenge for the room is the size. It is 11'5" by 7'7" which is pretty small for any sort of office space! It's basically a cubicle with lots of windows. Oh, and we keep a twin size guest bed in there, too!

Scott will be in Chicago tomorrow (Monday) through Friday, so I am hoping to get a bit of the work done this week while he's gone. Today I took a hour to myself to peruse the antiques stores downtown, and found a great antique kilim rug! This will definitely be the jumping off point for the entire room.

So what's left?

  • window coverings (roller shades which will eventually be covered with some fabric for visual interest)
  • sewing a duvet cover to put on the comforter currently on the twin bed.
  • sew some large pillow shams to turn bed into more of a daybed/couch. 
  • paint lamp base & recover lamp shade
  • find very small bookcase/night stand. refinish as needed. 
  • recover office chair in microsuede (?) and add nailhead trim. restain dated oak finish something darker.
  • frame some calendar photos and hang with Scott's Ph.D. diploma. 
  • desk accessories as needed. 
What ideas do you have? What do you consider an essential part of a home office?


Cailan said...

Hello Tara! This is Cailan from Everyday Lovely - I guest posted at Heather's Home Made Lovely series recently and you asked about the pendant in my kitchen nook. ANYWAY :) I got it from Ballard Design and you can read about the decision here:

Thank you so much for your sweet feedback and hope you have a lovely weekend! Love, Cailan

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