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So you guys have been sitting on pins and needles for what... 6 months now just WAITING for a new post, right? Ok, maybe for the first week and then you forgot about this little blog. No worries, I forgot, too.

We've accomplished just a few things in the house over the summer and fall, which is primarily why I haven't been posting. Small things here and there that have made a big impact, but just seem too small to post about. This, obviously, is ridiculous and completely defeats the purpose of a blog. Blogs are where you SHOULD post the little things that happen daily. I'm going to do a few catch up posts between now and Christmas to get everyone back up to speed before we (hopefully) start doing some more winter work around here.

Here's a photo of what I'm contemplating right now.

That's right, coral paint in the living room. Risky? absolutely. Cozy and beautiful and getting me excited to be in this room more? Absolutely times two! What do you think? Is it too bold for our little cottage?


Katelyn said...

oh i love it! i am thinking of doing coral in my bathroom... actually coral & white stripes. i think i've settled on youthful coral by behr. what are you learning toward??

Tara said...

I'm leaning toward either soft coral or Woodlawn marmalade, both by valspar. But lowe's is only the second source I've tried. I still want to go to Home Depot for behr and Martha, and I have a local Pratt & Lambert to check out, too. AS coral bathroom sounds great! Can't wait to see your pictures!

Shannon said...

I have toasted nutmeg (Behr) in my kitchen/dining room and LOVE it. It's not really coral, but it's in the dark pink family, and it totally works. Go for it - you won't regret it!

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