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Aaaaand Reality Sets In

I've heard in the past, mostly on TV but through a few friends, too, about how long redecorating and renovations take. Not "can" take or "might" take. Just take. I was in denial. Yes, I know we have a 10 year plan for this house. But that's really about budgeting and saving up for the big things we want to do. I know gutting a kitchen is a several month planning & doing process. But I'm redecorating a bedroom. SURELY (famous last words coming...) I can get it all pulled together in a month. I have a vision! I already know what I want!

So we're nearing the end of month #2. I had true, good, honest intentions of having 2 posts in March. The first would be "Acquiring Stuff" where I'd tell you all about my fun and oh so very productive shopping trip in and around Cincinnati. I'd show you pictures and we'd talk about all the lovely directions our modern cottagey bedroom would be going in. Then my second post at the end of the month would be The Final Reveal! (!!! added for emphasis and excitement). Well.

That is not reality. The reality is that I ordered our bed the first Saturday of March (more on that later, I am really excited about it!) and it was a 6-8 week time table. Unfortunately, that was delayed by a death in the woodworker's family (totally understandable. I am horribly sad for him and not irritated or impatient. Only a small part of the lack of impatience is because I've not done anything else that needs to be done before install). So he just started our bed this week. We're looking at another 4 weeks from now to get that done.  I still need to do painting and staining and general re-doing on 3 pieces of furniture that are going into the room. And I need to buy a duvet and sew curtains. And general do everything but buy stuff. So the entire project is on a long delay. But it will be ok. Because it will be done soon(ish) and it will be lovely and wonderful. Eventually.

I will be back over the weekend with a recap of my Cincinnati shopping trip and a few other pieces I've found along the way. I really did have a good time at IKEA and other places all by myself!

So what had taken longer than expected for you? Anyone else have dramatically unrealistic expectations about how long a project is going to take?


Tracie said...

I totally get where you are coming from. We are at the month and a half mark of finishing our basement. That doesn't include decorating of any kind. Who knows how long that is going to take. :)

You will get it done and it will be totally worth it. I can't wait to hear about Ikea. I have a feeling there will be a trip there for us in the near future as well.

Katelyn said...

yes, this is happening to me right now. it applies to "blogging" as a project and to making some changes in my apartment. And i'm also pretty hard on myself about it and then I try to remind myself about all the other things I have going on and I give myself a little pass. I am ready to be DONE implementing the changes i've been thinking about though. At this point, I'm a little "over" it and I just want to be able to enjoy my apartment again without thinking about what I want to change.

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