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Two Months

I'm writing this week's post (did I post last week??) a little early to commemorate our little buddy's 2 month-day! The past two months are cluttered in my mind. Newborn days seem to both fly and creep by and there's no other way to describe the perception of time right now! I love this little kid so much. I am trying to take my time to soak up this babyness. I'm pretty sure this is our last baby, so I am trying to slow down and look down and *enjoy* these moments whether they be quiet or loud or exhausting or relief. Some days I do a really good job of focusing on B while he nurses and really tuning into the bond we're building, and then other days I'm so mentally exhausted that I just close my eyes and lean my head back, or I read a book. Or, heck, I even check facebook. It's all good.

So, what we've done the past few weeks:

Scott has been out of town a bit this month. He was gone 5 days last week, and 2 days this week. So I was alone 24 hours each day with two 3 year olds and a 7-8 week old. We have survived. I bought myself Lean Cuisine, fancy ice cream and a bottle of wine. The house was a total wreck when Scott got home, but we were mentally and physically alive and I count that as a win.

The girls have been attending zoo camp at the Columbus Zoo. Abbey went last week (Neave couldn't due to some potty training struggles) and both girls got to go this week! They are talking about Africa and have come home to tell me about petting flamingos, watering holes and camouflage. I love having these fun conversations with them!

This past week when I picked them up from camp, I took them to the new Heart of Africa section of the zoo to look around. We happened to be there right when they were starting the giraffe feedings. So both girls (and me!) got to feed the baby giraffe. It was awesome!

On the house front, we have exciting news coming this week. Ready? We are getting central air!! I am so excited. It's really the first major investment we've made that will help with the resale of this house. Plus, now B's bedroom will be conditioned next summer when he's in his own room. After this expense, I'm going to start saving for the big downstairs bathroom expansion! I'm crossing my fingers we can get to that in 2015.


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