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Trying the blog thing again

I am an avid blog reader. I have a long list of blogs I read on a daily, or at least weekly, basis as I sip my morning coffee. I even read blog criticism sites. For as much as read about writing, I do so little of it myself. I really just want to document our lives for my family to look back on-- a place to record the things that we're up to and a few pictures. I'm going to try to post just a weekly round up every Friday.

Since I've not written on this blog in over 2 years, let me catch you up a little. 

In June, we had a baby boy! B's birth story is not what I would have liked. I was induced due to a spike in my blood pressure. First they tried a foley induction, then pitocin, then breaking my water. My body didn't really respond strongly to any of these options. And in the end, the baby didn't handle contractions well. So after about 36 hours of labor, he was born via cesarean. Turns out he had the cord wrapped around his neck and I probably had excess amniotic fluid. But regardless! He's here, and 6+ weeks later, we're adjusting to a new family member. 

A and N are 3 1/2 now! I am amazing every day with how they are learning and growing. N is taking gymnastics and is actually pretty good at it. A has said she will take a class when she is older. 

If you remember my previous post trying to choose paint colors for the living room, we FINALLY painted the living room this spring. We went for Nasturtium by Martha Stewart. Things are still pulling together in this room, but I'm feeling much better about it. If I can get my gallery wall finished up, I think it will be at a good holding point while we get a few more rooms accomplished.
Baby B and me in our living room. You can kind of see the new paint job! Photo by Megan Edwards Photography

We've done a variety of other things around the house in the past two years as well. The master bedroom is mostly complete. I am looking for a mirror to go over the bed and I need to move the rocking chair currently in that room to the baby's nursery when B moves in there. Hopefully I can find some time to take a few pictures in coming weeks. 

We've also started replanting the backyard. There's a previous entry here about how we removed all the old beds the previous owners installed. We seeded that fall and are now slowly filling in [much] smaller new beds. There will still be plenty of grass for the kiddos to play! 

In August, our plan is to get the playroom organized and maybe a little decorated. I'm not sure I can commit to painting it right now with a newborn, but we do need to get it organized and get ourselves into a good picking-up routine before B starts to crawl! 

I'll share more pictures next week! 

Update: I found an even better picture of the new living room decor!
Again, by Megan Edwards


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