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Oh My Gosh... I found them

I know there's been a lack of posts since... October maybe? Sorry about that. The truth is, there has been a lack of projects. Lots of holiday travelling and then sickness, but I'm getting back on track now.

I just had to do a quick update because I am so very excited about what I just found thanks to pinterest. If you would remember back to this post in May of last year, I've been on the hunt for very specific pulls for the built in drawers in the girls' shared room. I found 8 on ebay and thought the other 16 would be easy to come by, since those 8 just fell into my lap. It was not so.

But today. Oh, beautiful Groundhog Day, they have come to me. Long story short, I'm looking for other hardware for 2 furniture re-dos coming up in the next two months and Camila from Effortless Style posted some pieces I was interested in for those new projects. I decided to browse around Ansaldi & Sons hardware after finding several awesome options for the new projects and I found these:

 The EXACT same as the 8 bail pulls hiding in my office cabinet. I am so excited. Next month, the money for 16 of these is going to be in the budget!  I still plan to paint the white porcelain backplates something fun like turquoise or hot pink, but I haven't quite decided what yet. I'm just so excited to have found them!

Thanks for sticking with me. In a few weeks I'll [hopefully] be back with our new media cabinet!


Scott Salsman said...

Oh, I'm so glad! Congrats.

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