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The Art of Filling Space

I've been working on a progress post for the girls' room for a week or two now. Unfortunately, nap time is when I typically take photos and write blog posts, and nap time is the one time of day I can't get in their room to take some shots! I'm hoping that on Saturday the girls can have some fun Daddy Time while I snap, load and edit some shots to share. Thanks for hanging in there!

I've been having a bit of a dilemma, and I'm hoping my wonderful readers (all 8 of you) could give me some tips.

I'm currently in the planning stages for our next room project, the dining room. I have a paint color in mind, as well as the look of drapes and a rug picked out, though I haven't found them yet. And I really think I've found the new light fixture (it's currently on sale. I'm really hoping it stays on sale for another week or two so I can buy it at 15% off!). I'm hoping to share some inspiration shots soon, and then a "mood board" of sorts before I really get started.

My problem is wall space, and what to do with it.  Our dining room has lots of empty wall space. Check out these two before shots.

 It's possible that many years in the future (8, probably) we may remove the wall from the door frame to the window wall to open up a bar area to the kitchen. Who knows. But for 2011-2019, that's a lot of blank wall space.  And that Paris poster you can barely see sitting on top of the piano? I've had it since college. It's time for it to find a new life. Maybe in the guest room, if I'm honest with myself, but maybe just out of this house.

Here's the other side of the room. Lovely French doors to add some interest, but you can still see three blanks walls (well, except for that old thermostat thingy-ma-jigger that we don't think works anymore but not sure if we should take it down).

I'm not one of those decorators who feels as though I need to fill all the space. I'm all for a clean and edited accessories scheme. But I'm really struggling with what to put up in some of these spaces. I've trolled the local antiques markets and as much etsy as I can, but nothing has really struck me. I love almost all types of art, but I don't want items that screaming "DINING ROOM!" like photos of vegetables.

Here's one last picture where you can see most of the dining room. You still can't see the archway wall, but it's mostly archway and will just be painted.

What about you? How do you select art and accessories for your space? Do you just grab what you like and figure out where to place it later? Do you get an idea and hunt doggedly for that one perfect item? Any good tips for me or an etsy shop you've seen lately and love?


Tracie said...

What about hanging a collection of plates/platters? You could stick with a certain color or white or something and find different patterns at antique stores or even thrift stores. Will you have a China cabinet or hutch or something? That will take up some of the visual space.

Tara said...

Right now, we only have the piano. I'd love to get a hutch at some point and put it in the piano's current spot, but then I'd have to figure out a new spot for that! Can you put a piano in a sunroom? Plates & platters is a good possibility! Thanks!

ckletzel said...

Melissa decorated with some really nice fabric. Not sure if you ever saw it, but you take the fabric and frame it in really nice frames. She had a really nice oval one of dark wood. It is a great way to add color.

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