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To Add Another Word

We're fixing to head to my home state of Alabama (like how I dropped in some sweet-home-slang?) for an extended Independence Day weekend, but I wanted to do a quick post with an addition to my previous post.

from Coastal Living
The past week or two, I've been really taken with a variety of images that could be described no other way but "coastal." I don't have the amazing ocean views that many of these rooms have, but I just can't get enough of the soothing color combinations with livable (meaning, heavy duty) fabrics and style.
from Sarah Richardson Design

There are hints of water-living, a sail boat on a mantle or some sea glass in a vase, but there isn't an early 90s nautical theme vibe to be found.  It may seem strange to have coastal as an inspiration when living in the Midwest in a state with no beaches (sorry, but the Great Lakes don't count as 'beaches' for a Southern gal!) but I do hope adding small elements of coastal living will add a feeling of relaxation and comfort into our daily hustle and bustle!

from Coastal Living

Therefore, consider this an amendment to the last post. Our home's style words are tailored, sophisticated, coastal cottage. How do you think those will work together? Any tips on how to blend these 4 styles?

I've got some post ideas for the week after our trip, so stayed tuned!


Katelyn said...

I think the best way to blend style is to just buy things you love and not worry too much about whether or not it matches- but I also think I am one of those people who will always be a perpetual decorator changing things in my house, so maybe my method isn't the best. Haha!

I LOVE those copper pots!! So pretty. And the coffee table in the first post is awesome.

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